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would work with grom.
CB014 motorcycle camera , black box recorder [CB014] - $289.00 : Oz RepRap Supplies
Cams are Here! Install pics and sample video tomorrow hopefully

What's in the box:
2 Cameras
DVR Unit
GPS Unit
Power Cable
8GB SD card
LED Indicators
Mounting brackets, hardware and allen wrench
cable holders with doubleside tape (and doubleside tape for the dvr)
Camera Extension cables (short and long)
Remote (???)
AV Cable
Some Chinese/English install instructions (not that complicated...)


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set it up in the gti (don't want to tear apart and reassembly the sprint) using electrical tape and wire nuts :p

forward facing cam:
[ame=]dashcam test 2 - YouTube[/ame]
rearward facing cam:
[ame=]dash cam test 1 - YouTube[/ame]
obviously far from exciting video, but I just wanted to see it work.
looks like at the very start it was really busy doing *something* therefore skipped a couple frames (you see a shimmer matrix type thing)
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