Two grom package with lots of extra parts - selling these two groms to move on to another project. The price of these two groms together is less than all of the add-on parts, then it comes with two free bikes! I love these little bikes, and I'm sure I'll come back again. Damn things....! :D <3

2017 Honda Grom - 3500 miles -
Koso 170 with 4 valve head
Kitaco Crank
Koso 34mm throttle body
PCX150 injector
Koso intake runner, throttle body tube and hurricane filter for modified stock air box
Koso Oil Pump
Kitaco Side cover
Juggernaut 7 row cooler
PV3 + DJ AFR module - custome tuned by CJR
Brocks Exhaust with silencer rev 2.0
Koso cam chain tensioner
YSS Rear shock
Ohlins Front inernals
OTB Spools
New DID Chain, sprockets, and City Slicker Tires
Grom Fathers Side cover and vent
Kitaco Oil Catch setup
2 Brothers Foot pegs
Core SS Lines
SMR Clutch and springs
Shorai Battery
Takegawa 3rd Bearing Crank support
Kitaco HD Starter
All stock aesthetics!
Always filled with shell or Sunoco 93 octane
Oil changed every 1250 miles with Motul 300v 10-40w

2020 Honda Grom - 8500 miles
DHM S3 Piston, Cam and DHM Tune
DynoJet AFR module and wideband display
Opmid temp gauge
Kitaco Side cover
Takegawa high flow pump
Takegawa Cam chain tensioner
Kitaco 5 row oil cooler
DHM 34mm adapter
Koso 34mm throttle body tube, intake runner and Hurricane filter
Takegawa 3rd bearing crank support
HD Springs and clutch plate
Ohlins rear shock
Ohlines front internals
Upgraded pads and rotors
Core SS Lines
Grom fathers side cover with vent
Grom fathers wheel spacers
New chain and sprockets
City Slickers tires
Seat concepts seat
H2C Carrier
Shorai Battery
Kitaco HD Starter
Yoshimura exhaust
Always filled with shell or Sunoco 93 octane
Oil changed every 1250 miles with Motul 300v 10-40w

There is probably more on each bike, something I'm forgetting. There are a ton of spare parts including all stock parts. Some additional parts include keys, extra wfront wheel and tire,Dynojet PowerCommander 5 and DynoJet display unit, extra ECU (Stock), blinkers, stock exhaust, silencers, inserts, alternative cam chain tensioners, batteries, fender eliminator kits, filters, and alternate intakes.
Please feel free to call or text - 207-841-0239. Happy to arrange pickup or assisst with meetup.