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2014 Honda Grom Colors

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At the moment colors available on the 2014 Honda Grom are Metallic Black and Pearl Red, both pictured below.

Pearl Red Honda Grom

Metallic Black Honda Grom
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Seems like white and red Honda Groms will be the most popular in my opinion and the ones that really want to stand out will get the yellow. Most likely the Stunt guys will get the yellow and add a touch of their own with stickers and vinyls.
I personally like the red on the Grom as i emphasized that on the other threads ;)

But the white is nice too. For the stunt guys they will have a bunch of battle scares when executing insane stunts. after seeing the marketing for the Grom I'm sure it will interest a lot of those guys in to doing stunts, wheelies, stoppies and all.
haha yeah especially when your doing this...
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1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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