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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'm trying to find out the transmission gear ratios to the 2021-22 Grom (MSX125). There are no owners manuals available on line for this model yet. If you're outside the USA and have a 2021 MSX125, will you please look in the owners manual for this information. It's on about the 10th page from the back. (The 4 speed model has a 2.500:1 first gear, and a 0.925:1 4th). Also, please include the primary reduction ratio.

I've looked on the Honda parts catalog for Europe to count the number of teeth on each of the transmission gears, but couldn't find squat. Again, nothing is on line.

I've also tried cross referencing other bikes that use the new 125 engine (With 5 speed). No luck.

If the 5 speed box isn't wider than the 4 speed, then i don't need to wait to buy the 2022 model that's still not available in Los Angeles. (USA didn't get the 2021 model). The 2022 model will also have a $600 premium on top of the sale price. I could probably get a used one, with low miles and 4 speed, for $1,800 less than a 2022. My friends call me "The Master Debater".

Wish the new model had a 6 speed. Why don't manufacturers give us what we want?

I don't like the stepped seat of the previous model so I'm hoping for good gear numbers.

Thank you.
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