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american msx125 owner in thailand

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Hi everyone!

My name is William and I'm an American (NYC) living in Thailand.

I've been teaching english here at a local private school for about 2 years now.

I picked up a MSX125 last year in black and have been loving it.

I plan to move back to New York by the end of the year and I am sad to have to sell my MSX125. I've already gotten some parts for it and I hope to take them off and bring them back with me to use them on my future GROM!!! :cool:

Hope to learn from everyone here. By the way - it is true - the women in Thailand are beautiful (at least the ones that are actually women) ;)
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welcome aboard msxguy!


Have you considered importing it over instead of selling it. I would hate to part with it if I was in your shoes. Just rebadge it as a Grom when you bring it over ;)
Hey MSXguy how do you find the MSX125 for riding?
Yeah, give us some real world data on it! welcome!
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