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Howdy - just got a near new Grom for my wife to ride (uh yep, that's my story)... :nerd:

Black, all stock except a tail rack and rear fender eliminator.

Given that the last time my wife tried riding a motorcycle with a clutch she launched our son's XR80 directly into the side of our truck, I want to put a few protection items on the bike.

First up is hand guards so as to protect the clutch and brake levers when she drops it. I did a quick search here, didn't find anything. In looking at the bike it appears that a set of Barkbusters or Cycras might work.

I'll probably tape up the headlight cover for now.

If anyone has recommendations or other suggestions, I sure would appreciate.

This bike will be kept very stock, it's the perfect bookend for my 67 Trail 90 with less than 700 miles.

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