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Grom :
lowest price I have seen. was found on in
Arkansas USA , end of year winter clearance price , in 2015 for last year's 2014 unsold bike. $2,650 USD at Honda of Russellville, AR, USA fees included.
I bought the last one they had at $2,650 USD.

Most dealers are firmly on $3,100-$3,300 USDeven here in the States.
With fees $3,650 USD is typical.

with my 100 kg self in bulky winter coat on it the bike will make 54 mph {87kph} top speed and burns 2.35L/100km with low octane American gas.

If Canadian fuel does not have the 10% Ethanol-alcohol which ours fuel contains here in might burn slightly less 100% petroleum gasoline.

also worth considering:
Yamaha V-star 250 cc is buring about 3L/100km and with proper sprockets a solo rider can make 110 k/h without being wide open throttle to get it.
Factory sprockets on Yamaha are for two light riders up and riding.
Yamaha V Star 250 Blue (Yamaha V-Star 250) | Fuelly
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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