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Best cities in America to Ride in

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Being a Ruckus owner I won't be asking where you all suggest riding in open stretches, but are there any cities that you guys strongly suggest I try riding in? I'm trying to plan my summer vacation with the family and I usually rent a truck and throw the bike in the back for wherever we go. I'd rather choose somewhere fun that I can ride around and enjoy and explore.

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Ever tried Boston? The cow trails can be fun... As long as you don't mind circles and roundabouts lol


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A little far to go to but if you are ever in HK/China you can try Shenzhen. Be careful though it is SEZ "special economic zone" and the police get mad / upset if they catch you. sammy
Don't think I'm going that far Sammy but thanks :) I was thinking more East Coast if that helps.
How about Detroit, you can ride near ford and Chrysler hq. Lots of open roads there! I'll post some maps when I get back to a pc.


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back at a computer for a few minutes

detroit in this area:
detroit ford rd - Google Maps

it's more of a suburb but Ford rd is wide, nice and there's not usually a lot of traffic. lots of places for you to play on your bike.

Lincoln maybe? We are home to the longest avenue in the USA. "O Street".

As for curves and such, Spokane, WA. Beautiful to look at too.

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Around Orange County, main Huntington Beach.
I would vote for Boston. It's not too big or too small.
Chicago was an awesome place to ride. Dfw kinda sucks. Too hot or too cold and all straight roads. No curves

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NYC was fun :p But i MUCH prefer the open/curvy WNC mountains.. no specific 'city', just the whole area :)
Yeah, cities are no fun to ride in... you have to get out into the winderness!

I live in Ontario, so roads are crappy (by crappy I mean pin straight). There are a few good ones though.

507 through Haliburton
River Rd just outside Creemore
141 through Muskoka - Perry Sound

and just about all of the Smokey Mountains in the U.S... :)

Count 3 for Hawaii.

It's NERF, or nuthin....
Probably Deleware or Upstate NY. Not as much cops. :)
Go to the east bay California. That way you can ride the east bay, Oakland, Berkeley, emeryville. Then truck it to San Francisco.
Austin, TX. Very bike friendly. Lots of great roads surrounding the city (Texas Hill Country).
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