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decided to get a couple of Blue tooth speakers for listening to my iphone 5 or itouch. I normally don't like bluetooth connection cause of the sound quality but these OontZ XL speakers are pretty nice with a good battery life plus you can answer your phone.

I have not tried it out yet for sound quality while riding the Grom since I don't have a Grom yet, waiting list for getting my Grom should be getting shorter.

The OontZ XL are on sale for $99 intro price and will go back up to $150 plus soon.

Cambridge SoundWorks Oontz XL Review - Watch CNET's Video Review

Reviews: Cambridge Soundworks OontZ XL Bluetooth Speaker | iLounge

buy it here
[ame=""] The OontZ XL - The Brand New Extra Large Oontz - A Portable, Wireless, Bluetooth Speaker For Amazing Room Filling Sound By Cambridge SoundWorks - On Sale Now For a Limited Time: MP3 Players & Accessories[/ame]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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