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Selling all the parts off my brand new 2014 GROM with 1 miles on it. Everything is brand new and perfect.
Please note that i did put OBO but i will not be lowballed. I will not respond to low ball offers.

1.OEM headlight complete with housing, blinkers, cover - 165.00 shipped OBO
2. Stock shock -65.00 shipped OBO with spring complete
3. Rear stock brake caliper bracket 45.00 shipped OBO
4. Rear fender with turn signals - 45.00 shipped OBO
5. Stock rear sets brake or clutch complete 50.00 each OBO
6. Stock rear brake caliper 50.00 shipped OBO
7. Front stock brake caliper 50.00 shipped OBO
8. Rear tail light with cut plug 35.00 shipped - SOLD
9. Stock tappet covers 10.00 shipped
10. Stock clutch cover casing 15.00 shipped
11. OEM wheels Black with tires 500.00 shipped
12. OEM red plastics complete right side -65.00 shipped ( comes with front and lower, inner duct covers, stock side cover grills, all fairing bolts complete
13. OEM red plastics complete left side -65.00 shipped ( comes with front and lower, inner duct covers, stock side cover grills, all fairing bolts complete
14. OEM red front fender 40.00 shipped
15. Front seat 60.00 shipped
16. Rear stock fender 25.00 shipped
17. Stock brake lines 10.00 shipped
18. Stock clutch perch with lever - 25.00 shipped
19. OEM stock mirrors 15.00 shipped each
20. Stock handle bars 40.00 shipped
21. Stock bar clamps 10.00 shipped
22. Stock bar ends 9.00 shipped
23. Stock brake master cylinder with lever - 90.00 shipped

If you don't see something that you need on the list feel free to PM me. I may have it but forgot to list. Either way let me know.

Tyga carbon fiber lower belly fairing brand new never installed - 165.00 shipped
Tyga carbon fiber rear seat cover fairing brand new never installed - 155.00 shipped
Tyga rear sets brand new 360.00 shipped ( have gold, red and black)

Ohlins rear shock brand new in box - 485.00 shipped

DKS rear foot hoop ( for stunting ) with pegs 75.00 shipped
DKS rear sub cage with foot pegs ( for stunting ) 105.00 shipped
DKS foot plate brand new 50.00 shipped
DKS red sticker kit 60.00 shipped

Gold headlight washer set ( for headlights only already used the front fender one.) - 25.00 shipped

Anything else you guys can possibly need hit me up. I have a ton of other stuff as well left over like carbon parts, exhausts, etc etc. I will post pictures when i get back tonight. pm me if you guys need anything. Thank you

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a little late, no? look at the original post date
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