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Installed the mod grom exhaust pipe and rechecked all electrical connections.

The Grom has BrianS 170cc kit, port/polish/duel spring with bigger valve, Crower cam, PCV, PC-150 F/I,NGK CPR7EA-9 spark plug, mod Grom exhaust.

Missing when started are NO airbox, NO 02 sensor, no connection short to the closed loop system.

Grom started up on the first press of the start button, had a hard time keeping idle. On second start up I revved it up a little and the idle held but a little ruff running and leans out smooth when opening up the throttle.

BBK tappet noise can be heard pretty good. The valve lash on int/exh was set to .003-.004

Installing the O2 sensor and shorting the close loop system tomorrow and also putting on the mod airbox and do some test riding and afterward install the Chimera air filter system and see if I get any HP improvement.

put your cursor on pic and right click and the video should start
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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