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Buy a grom they said, do cool stunts they said......Wrecked GROM!

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When you guys get your Grom/MSX125, don't let this happen to you! Be safe out there guys....

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that's pretty bad, i hope the rider is alright, accident looks pretty bad.
helmet, gloves, etc are definitely needed when riding, would suck to not have that gear in a situation like this.
Just like any other bike the Honda Grom could still do you damage if you don't ride responsibly. The Honda Grom is not tamed so the rider was pretty much putting his own life at risk.
There is a freakin running shoe on the ground which is probably the rider's. I just hope that the Grom doesn't attract a bunch of squids that will drive up the insurance cost. Whenever you do stunts of any sorts regardless of the kind of bike you should being wearing protections. Thos running shoes have no ankle support. Hope he's alright. Poor Grom... :(
Well I think this is the first official Honda Grom / MSX 125 that went down. The Grom look salvageable at least the front hugger, side fairing and handle bar and lever needs to be replaced.
ouch. that sucks
It bounds to happen, especially for a bike that is built to do tricks on. I do consider the Grom to be a bit of a stunt bike. Just look at the promo released by Honda.
It will happen a lot. As cheap as they are a lot will be totals and parts will be plentiful. Like the crf50

those handlebars are DONE.

Would like to see more photos of above accident. I am assuming it is a MSX 125.
It's a Honda, so repair probably aren't too bad. Looks like most of the damage is to the outer shell.
New gold handle bars, new projector headlight if he didn't already have one. New fairings ;)
I am just curious to know if the rider is ok and what the story behind the accident. Did it really have to do with stunting?
Did anyone else notice a lone shoe on the bottom left side of the page?
The caption made me LOL, but seeing that lone solitary shoe without its owner made my sphincter tighten up.
I feel like that shoe was carefully planted.

We must find out this mystery!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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