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Childhood Memories of Christmas.
We all have them.
Most good, some, not so good but we got through them all.
So here we are.
All grown up.
Remember the Christmas Wishes Catalogs and Sears too?
Endless hours were spent pouring over those pages.
A family venture to the Christmas Tree lot and the pine smell of a new and fresh tree in the home.
Old tissue wrapped ornaments full of memories came out stored boxes and presents started appearing under the tree, (how many for you?), good and happy moods, excitement, hot chocolate, bright lights and yearnings, ohhh for so many anticipated and hopeful yearnings for toys!
Oh but then when were “bad” parents would remind us, “Santa is watching.”
It seemed like Christmas would never come either, time went so slow in our youth. At least it seemed like it.
Now looking back, where did all that time go?
My mom had a surprise for me when I went to visit her awhile back.
There was a small picture pile on the table and a twinkle in her eye.
Seemed as if she had found some pictures that we had been talking about earlier in the year that were taken when I was a young lad.
We were a real frugal family.
One income, 6 kids and foster children too, were always in our home.
On a very lucky day, my mom purchased a Santa Suit for me that I had had a fit over in the store.
I tried to convince her that I would be a great Santa if she got it for me.
She bought me the suit, and it was the true highlight of my holiday.
We (mom and I) kept it a secret and closer to Christmas I would “don the red suit” and be available for pictures.
Yes, even the neighborhood parents asked that I visit their homes for pictures with Santa after my socializing mom shared that I owned a Santa Suit.
Neighbors knew each other well then, and the children all fully believed.
I had a lot of fun with that Santa Suit.
With all the memories that have been created during our childhood, and here we are adults already, I would be so pleased to host your personal Christmas or holiday pictures of “Then, and Now.”
Mine I am sharing with you here, is with my sister Shawntell and she was about 7 years old.
I still remember sitting with her for that picture.
This was my first professional posing and she had no idea it was me.
She even called me “Santa.”
It would be truly so enjoyable for you to share your “Then and Now” pictures and a little story if you feel like adding one!
A picture is a thousand words! Please! We all wait with enchanted curiosity for you to share!
Lets share some holiday nostalgia
Post a past and current picture with Santa now at CHRISTMASTHENANDNOW.COM
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