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Ducati Monster owner

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Hi everyone,

I'm a current Ducati Monster S4R owner. Previously had a GSXR 600.

However, when I saw the Grom, it really caught my eye. It looks like a ton of fun to ride, and something that I could ride more to its potential. My current bike is a blast, but it's hard to get out of second gear much of the time.

I also think my girlfriend would take an interest in riding her own bike if something like the Grom was in our stable. I look forward to reading up on the bike and learning all about it.
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I also ride a Monster...I've racked up over 20k on it so far and couldn't be happier. I tried the whole "get my girlfriend on a bike" thing last year with moderate success (riding a Buell Blast now). Honestly most of the miles we put on together are sub 50mph, and I think the Grom would be so much more fun for her...not to mention it's as close to a mini Monster as you can get! And I'll be honest, the idea of me ripping around on it makes me giddy. Can't wait to check one out at my local dealer
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