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??? Dude where’s my bike ???

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Seems like you are always hearing about people getting their bike’s stolen these days.

I keep mine in the garage at home, Locked to a Concrete Anchor.

Since it seems like if people want it bad enough their going to get it I just do the best I can.

So just wondering what you guy’s do ????????

I know, I know... that's what insurance is for.
But, losing my bike would be almost as bad as losing my Dog.

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wait, IN the garage (closed and locked i'm assuming) AND LOCKED to an anchor?

i keep mine secured by the garage door and leave the key in the ignition... on the street i just take the key out. not the end of the world since i have a low deductible and i'm never very far from it

also in a very low crime area, so i've forgotten the key in the ignition a few times as well

Well the anchor is there so I figure I would use it.

I just take the key out and lock the steering column so the kiddies in my building don't take it for a dry run. Elsewhere I use a disk brake lock.
at home... not a problem...

out and about just the steering column unless ill be away for a time like the movies or something then a rear disc lock
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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