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So, we finally got enough PCV's to fill all our back orders, that we had one left over to install and test out on our project bike.

The install on the PCV itself was a breeze.

If you don't count removing the Left Side Panel,........... installation took all of about 1 min.

That's it.

Plug-n-Play directly into your stock ECU Plug, and OEM Harness.


From that point you can either, load a map and go ride............... or........... add on some accessories.

We chose to add the optional Autotune as well.

That added another 6-7 minutes of install.

Very straight forward, easy to read instructions, color coded wires....etc..

The PCV unit is super slim design, Doesn't take up much space.

With the location directly under the seat..... this makes it very accessible for tuning, or making adjustments.

The Dyno Jet user interface software is very easy to use.

Dyno Jet has 6 different maps currently with more coming.

PCV Standard Features:

1) Control FUEL
2) Control the IGNITION Timing
3) Raise Rev. Limit
4) Fuel Pump Accelerator Feature

1) Add optional Autotune
2) Add optional Quick Shifter
3) Add optional LCD Display
4) Add option Map Selection Switch

Whatch the video for a complete Installation and more details:


We will have a follow up video showing the PowerCommander V & Autotune Software.... Which you can also Download for FREE directly from their website.

Here is that Video :


Click here for more details >> Grom Catalog <<


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did you ever get the autotune module to work? I cant adjust mine anywhere below 80% throttle without it running terribly. gets so bad you can barely ride the bike. I am assuming it is because the stock ecu is trying to adjust back to stoich.
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