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ENGINE TEMPERATURE, and Big Bore Kits - Good Info. if you have or planning on BBK.

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So as more and more Grom owners upgrade to BBK .... you probably have seen all the posts about A/F ratio.... which is very important.

The Grom runs from the Factory around 14.7 A/F ......... which is really lean.
Sure it works...... for a while.

But even STOCK Motors have reportedly burned up after being dogged long term.

The problem is HEAT.

The Lean condition causes the motor to overheat.

The Piston swells too much and starts rubbing the sides of the cylinder. The rings fails, and then you usually have seizure.
Or at the very least, Piston failure.

Which brings us to the TOPIC.

If you are going to run a BBK ......... it's really important to Monitor the Engine Temperature.

YES....... The BBK must have the proper A/F .. and use Premium Gas (in most cases)

But, at the end of the day........ you need to make sure your Engine/Head Temps are in check.

This is a sure fire way to help reduce chances of Piston Failure.

If you see your motor temps go above... say 240^ ...... then you know.. "Hey it's time to shut it down.... or start moving along.. "

If you cannot keep your temps in the proper range, then this also tells you.. "Something is probably wrong.. "

Meaning, You may need to change spark plugs, or reduce ignition timing... or you got some bad gas.... or something is wrong with your A/F ratio. Maybe even change to better oil... or Full Synthetic.

Lots of reasons......... but at least you know.

Basically......... knowledge is power.

The more you know about what your bike is doing......... the better equipped you are to make adjustments or take action to prevent failure.

We all know there is no guarantees in life. But, not knowing........ doesn't mean it's not happening.

Bottom line, if you want your BBK to last....... make sure your temps are in check, and don't let it overheat.


Just our $.02 :)

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