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Hey guys/girls,

New to the forum and own a 2017 white Grom. Love the bike, a lot of fun to ride.

I bought the bike used, the previous owner took a spill beating up the OE exhaust, right side passenger peg mount and factory tail light along with some light scratches to the plastic. The previous owner tossed a cheap Amazon exhaust it and a cheap LED rear tail with built in signals (the signals don't work for some reason).

I am working on a retro look to the bike, so I bought a tidy tail and mounted the factory signal lights and a picked up a used OE tail light. I put it all together, however, I am getting ZERO power to the rear signal lights. The tail light and license plate light work no issues, however, the rear tails do not light up and the signals will not work.

Related/unrelated: the front signals light up, however, when you hit the signal light switch, it turns off the light, doesn't flash and leaves the other light on.

Any ideas what can be going wrong? I have spent 3 evenings now going through it all and can't figure it out. Electrical is definitely my weak point once we get out of spark plug territory!!!

Thanks in advance!
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