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Hi all! :)

I'm just about to cross the 1500km mark so here's some feedback:

The bike is scheduled for it's first check up in two weeks. I should have made an appointment earlier - before 1000km.

So far so good. This little monster is a pleasure to ride whenever i use it. The only down side is comfort. On a less then perfect road it's a bone shaker and on some road portions i have to clench my teeth in anticipation of the bumps. A Ohlins has been ordered and i'm expecting it next week.

As reported in another post this engine uses very little gas. The first estimate i made after the first fillup was around 150 mpg which is probably a bit optimistic, but then i only weight 117lbs.

The maximum speed i reached once on a flat road portion was 100km/h (62mph).

I checked the oil a few days ago and it needed half a liter (16oz) to be good. Apparently it does use some oil during the breakup phase.

Only small issue: i lost a screw on the exhaust underside cover...:rolleyes:

PS: there is also a small 'whining' noise on the front wheel when moving the bike engine off. It seems to come from the front brake. During the first few weeks i had some sort of oil leak that left dirty spots on the ground during parking time, then it went away. Above 70km/h and below 85km/h there is a clicking noise on the front wheel, like something is flapping against some portion of the wheel... go figure!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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