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First, fun as Hell, very light motorcyle

Power, who cares, very nimble, I was doing crap worst than any Russian/Asian/UK lane splitting. I did shit I would not do on my Hayabusa like splitting lanes on a left hand turn.

Dam thing is lots of fun.

Yes the 170cc kit would be nice

This is my first real ride on the Grom with 3 miles on the odm.

The clutch lever, free play sucks
The seat "stock" is hard as a brick, well almost.

I could only get 55-57 and once 60 mph with my 212 lbs frame plus riding gear/helmet/etc.

Shocks suck, both front and rear.

missed the blinker once and hit the HORN, not good honking at guys unless you live in San Francisco

FUN Factor, 5 STAR
Handling even with stock tires 4 STARS
Brakes 4 STAR, surprising since I use mostly my front brakes
Gas mileage 5 STAR

What the HELL LOOKS from cagers, teenagers, Kids, etc 5 STAR

JERK CAGE drivers that wants to beat a motorcycle light to light 5 STAR because when you can split lanes you always win in California until someone/CAGER changes lane into you.

Would I buy it again, HELL YES, in fact I bought a second one that is coming into Berkeley Calif end of this month or next month, that is the one that will have all the MODS. This way I can compare a stock GROM with one Heavily modified.

Oh by the way the HANDLE BAR HEIGHT and FEEL is 5 STAR, very surprising
The mirrors sort of suck, wide shoulders but I will do the cheap mod by heating the mirror bar and bending it a little.


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nice little write up Cisco, thanks. Whats the plan for the second grom? how heavy is heavily LOL ;) looking forward to the comparos, keep us posted.
lighten flywheel and oil spinner, already done
stock wt flywheel

Stock wt oil spinner

fly wheel lighten

oil spinner lighten

lighten flywheel and oil spinner gives the engine less energy to spin up to RPM range, "less metal to move" had to do both so as to balance the wt of the engine.

wheels black paint removed
before removal


seat, more comfort seat

spare swingarm , remove stock rubber mounting link and install needle bearing link and black paint removed

tire change to Michelin Pure

HID light kit installed

new plastic to be painted like my 1999 Hayabusa

paint scheme will look like this

other items on the list
air assist front forks
change in handle bar and riser ht
change in brake lines to braided brake lines front and rear
remove black paint from front bottom forks
remove black paint from back and front brake calipers

Big change 170cc cylinder kit and Grom Heads polished and blue printed for max performance.
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