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It's been a great year (nearly, I took delivery on Sept. 25th 2013) but it time to part ways with the Grom. When I bought the Grom I also had a KLX250 dual sport, which got the cold shoulder once I got the Grom. After some non use I sold it. Only to now really miss one big thing about it. Blasting up and down dirt roads, one thing that the Grom just doesn't like to do.

Backstory out of the way, on to some details. It has the Composimo TidyTail installed (stock parts included), H2C rear rack, also uninstalled I have the Composimo throttle body clocking flange. It has about 3500 miles on it now and I've full AMSOIL Motorcycle full synthetic in it since the first change.

I still owe some on it to Honda financial so there will be a slight delay, yadda yadda in getting the title to you once payment comes in.

PRICE! - I've looked at other listings and between mileage, location, and mods prices seem to vary a bit. So let's start it out at $3000 and go from there.

This picture is the exact reason I'm getting rid of the Grom, I used to bomb up this road on a dual sport, on the Grom putting along in second gear at best.

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