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I'm using my iphone 5 gopro apps which I downloaded this morning and my gopro hero 3 black would not talk to the phone apps via wifi so I go onto the Gopro website and there is a new firmware down load that was posted 7/29/2013 so I downloaded the update to my mac and now the iphone/smart phone gopro apps works pretty good. If you have firmware ver 2.9 on your hero3 than you need to upgrade to firmware ver 3.0

using the iphone apps the video is delayed about 2-3 seconds but you can control you gopro camera at a distance so far I've gone about 10 ft from the camera and was able to control it.

Your wifi on your gopro needs to be setup to GOPRO APPS, you just have to navigate down to the wifi icon on the gopro and select that settin

link for gopro apps for smartphone/iphone,etc

link to the gopro hero 3 firmware update
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