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The Grom is the first bike I have even thought about buying NEW.

I save money and buy used cars, motorcycles, and all my toys. But the first time I saw the Grom video I suddenly wanted one...NOW!

It was good that they weren't available until now so I could think rationally again and not run to the dealer and beg them to take my money. :eek:

I am 59, 6'-4" tall, 190 lbs dry, have been riding since 1969, and currently have a small stable of bikes:
Honda XR80 (98) (tremendous fun but so tiny!)
Yamaha TW200 (02)
Suzuki RM250 (05) looking for an engine
Yamaha YZ250 (87) parts bike
Suzuki DR650 (02)
Suzuki DR650 Street tracker (02)
Suzuki DL650 Wee-Strom (09)
Suzuki VX800 (91)
Can Am 250 (75) parts bike
Honda VTX1800 (05)
And a new 1965 Rickman Metisse MkIII Triumph 650 Scrambler I am building. A dream I have had since I started riding and decided I better do it now... How did I get so old so soon? Why, just yesterday... :confused:

And now I want to get a Grom????

My motto is:
Light is RIGHT!
The lighter a bike is, the more FUN I have on it.
Fast does not equal fun to me as exciting as it often is.

The Grom just hits the right balance of small, but big enough, relatively affordable for me and cheap compared to any new bike, and good looking without pretending to be something it is not. I think it will be just the thing on the bike carrier on the RV for out of town camping trips.

I do wish it were lighter as it is rather heavy but all bikes are overweight except for the top of the line mx and sport bikes. I wish it weighed about what my only new bike purchase was, a Honda SL100 at about 175 lbs.

But the Grom has some weight to shed like all new bikes, eh?
Part of the fun is shop time which is much better than TV time.

The dealer here got one Grom and it was pre-sold of course.
Snow will be falling soon and the long, cold, dark winter will be here.
Hmmmm, I bet a Grom with ice screws will be fun on the ice!

Ah, well.
Maybe by spring the dealer will have several on the floor.

I will enjoy the ride by reading all the Grom threads for now though.
Keep up the good work!

James in Alaska

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Welcome to The Happiest Place on The Internet(©2013)-- GromForum! We all have fun because we all ride fun bikes!

But for real though, I bet that TW200 is a RIOT in the snow.
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