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Who is doing what graphics wise to their Grom? I've seen some full vinyl wraps floating around here and some plasti dipping, but is anyone doing anythig cool or custom??

Repsol Grom??

maybe some cafe racer decals?

just curious what all the maniacs are up to, maybe steal an idea or 2 :D:D:D:D

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there are a bunch of photos of different graphics in the stickied aftermarket parts thread.

some interesting stuff from thailand.

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Just a pick picture i made to get an idea of what im doing to my grom as of now. Bike is getting dipped in white with gold spray.

MSX125: Items
1. Ducati Frame in Gold
2. Gold Rearsets
3. Gold Crash Protectors
4. Gold levers
5. Gold Bar Ends
6. White Windshield with Gold Strip
7. Nb Low Mount Exhaust System

Moto Dynamic:
1. Integrated Tail Light

Custom Fender Eliminator
Custom dipp with gold in places.
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