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Hey GF,

First off I just want to say way to go for offering such a fantastic forum and community for guys to come and show off and share info on their Groms!

I just picked up a Grom yesterday and have been watching on here for a few months now gathering info, but just have a few questions;

1st is, a few guys have noted that it is possible (and not too harsh) to clutchless shift from 2nd-3rd-4th (obviously lifting off the throttle, but no clutch). Is this the general thought on here? But using the clutch between 1st and second.

2nd is, Do guys have oil temp problems going on long high speed cruises without an external oil cooler? I plan on doing some longer rides this summer and understand how critical oil temp is on these small air cooled 4 strokes and dont want to run into any issues. Also whats the recommended oil brand and weight for this type of riding in the summer months?

Thanks again yall. Looking forward to getting some miles on the machine once this horrible winter lets up!
Welcome, you'll love the little bugger, great purchase.


1. This is possible on any "modern" motorcycle transmission that is the constant mesh design. However it does take some timing and skill to do correctly and if done wrong will cause major transmission wear, something on a new bike you'd want to availed. My suggestion is to "conventionally" shift until you get some time under your and your bikes belt,

2. No problems with oil and oil temp on a stock bike. Follow the oil recommendations in your manual and your bike will live a long, healthy life.

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