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GROM size comparison to adult

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A member on a ruckus forum that I also post on somehow got his hands on a GROM or MSX.

He is 6' tall and 225lbs
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Yep, "giant" here :) hahah! although probably very representative of the "average" rider here in the States i guess (we big n fat, ya know?)

I will say that the bike is definitely comfortable... my "natural" riding position slides my arse back towards the back of the seat though on EVERYTHING i ride... even my Yamaha Zuma 125... i'd sit basically in the passenger seat, because i like more of a straight-legged riding position... its much more comfy for my old.n.busted knees.

For instance, i will NOT be first in line for rear-sets for this bike... the pegs are in a VERY comfy position for actual riding... now, if i buy one of these to do some mini-bike racing with or something (which i'll probably lose at racing anyway, since i'm not exactly a lightweight), then i'll look into some rear-sets... but for normal riding, that'll get uncomfy real quick for me.
Hey Composi, how were you able to get a bike so soon in North America?
1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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