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GROM size comparison to adult

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A member on a ruckus forum that I also post on somehow got his hands on a GROM or MSX.

He is 6' tall and 225lbs
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HondaNation: Imported it for R&D purposes... :)

GregW: That... is... AWESOME! :) hahaha!
Cool, are you able to share what you are developing?
It seems a lot of people think the Grom is tiny, but when i picked mine up last month it is bigger than i expected. I took some pictures next to a '69 z50 and another custom '76 z50 i built to give you guys an idea. I have a 33" inseam and while it is slightly cramped its nothing like a z50. I have ridden 4 hours at a time and have been quite comfortable with the seat cushion. The stock seat is pretty damn hard. I love it and have been riding it like a thai hooker. It will scoot me around at 65 mph all day on a half tank of fuel.
Very nice comparison shot. I haven't seen many shots of the MSX/Grom next to other motorcycles.
1 - 2 of 48 Posts
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