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Just signed up and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Scott, im 30 and live in Southern California. I got lucky and got my Grom when they were first released with no wait. I cant manage to leave anything stock so I have played with it here and there. I recently took it to a car show with my other car and somehow the Grom took the trophy for best bike which has caused me to want to do more. Anyways here is a little about the bike along with a pic. I will post up more pictures along the way

So far,

Vinyl wrapped all of the plastics (everything Blue)
Hydrodipped all of the misc. stuff (carbon).
FMF exhaust that I had laying around on there at the moment (nice and loud)
Removed the mirrors
Composimo Tidy Tail
Tyga flyscreen
Tyga Preload adjusters
13t Sprocket is on the way


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Looks good.

Welcome to the forum.

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