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Just picked up my Grom on Thursday afternoon, thought I'd say hi. Kind of an interesting story but the short version is I visited my dealer last Saturday to pick up an oil filter and some Honda polish and started talking to the sales guy about the Grom and he said their one they got in was preordered and gone. I told him if another one came in or someone backed out give me a shout and I'll come take a look without ever thinking it would happen or maybe I'd get a call in January.

Well, last Tuesday morning I get a call saying one came in if I wanted it, it's mine; I later found out it was the original one they preordered but the guys financing fell though. Anyway, I looked at it, thought they were butt raping me on the price so I originally said no. Went home, told the wife who said "hey, it's only $200 higher than you'd like, so what, get it" so I called them back to say I changed my mind. Guess what, they had just "sold" it to another guy who got financing but turns out his wife ended up saying no that night so I got another the next morning saying its mine if I want it. So I bent over and bought it.

Cool bike, replaced my Kymco runabout scooter so its "practical" as we'll as fun. Been riding for 36 years, have owned and still own bikes of several types: sport, sport touring, vintage and dirt.

Anyway, just stopping by to say hey!!! It'll probably stay pretty stock for a while, but mods will be coming at some point.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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