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You'll be happy to hear that the Grom made Road and Track's list of the "10 Best Buys in 2014 motorcycles." R&D talks about the growing cult following of the mini-bike, and, while it isn't really fast enough to take on the freeway, it can get up to 55 mph. The name Grom comes from the term for a young surfer kid, and that's why R&D suggests the Grom feels most at home cruising beachside. I'm sure the $2,999 MSRP is also a great selling point.

Here is the full list:
10. Honda Grom
9. Star Bolt
8. Suzuki V-Strom 650 Abs
7. Indian Chief Classic
6. Yamaha FZ-09
5. Victory Cross Roads 8-Ball
4. Kawwasaki Ninja 1000
3. Ducati 899 Panigale
2. Harley Davidson Sportster Superlow
1. Honda CTX700N

Read the full article at The 10 Best Buys in 2014 Motorcycles - Road & Track

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Gotta love a good list. I'm glad that they decided to include the Grom. It's not like the Grom is directly comparable to many bikes, so I could see them looking over it. The only other bike on the list that comes close to the price of the Grom is the FZ-09 and it is still more than twice as much (though it is full size.) I just don't think that the Grom is really the same as a full size bike. The Grom is its own thing.
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