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Honda Grom/MSX125 Carbon Fiber Parts Mega Thread

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Post all carbon fiber parts you find for the Honda MSX125/Grom in this thread, make sure to include everything you can about the specific carbon fiber part you post: pricing, weight, pictures, product number, source, etc.
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The only parts that actually will benefit from switching to carbon fiber are parts that were originally metal.

Most carbon fiber parts for motorcycles replace plastic parts (which aren't that heavy to begin with)

So it is more of a visual modification.
often the case but not necessarily true. Like I mentioned:
stock plastic fender 400g
Tyga Monster fender in carbon less than 200g

This is partly down to the design but also the material is much thinner because carbon is stronger than ABS
I can see the benefit here but it is very minimal when compared to the price.

You would have a better deal buying lighter gear or going to the washroom before you ride.

I spy a bar across the handle bars does this make a big difference guys?
some sort of steering damper? or is it just a mount for an accessory?
bump for more carbon fiber parts
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1 - 5 of 32 Posts
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