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Honda Grom Tire Options

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What tires will you guys be using for your Honda Grom?
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i haven't done much shopping for tires yet. have you looked around to see what's available?
What is the GROM tire size? Haven't been able to find it yet. I'd assume same as the MSX. There were two tires shown in the aftermarket parts thread.

One was a pirelli
I'd take Michelin Power Pure SC or Pirelli Diablo Scooter
The sizes are 120/70R12, 130/70R12
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You guys know if the quality should be par with Pilots or Corsa
Honda GROM Tire options for 120/70/12
Motorcycle Superstore Tire Selector

Motorcycle Superstore Tire Selector

The diablo and GTS 24 both seem like high performance options

This looks like a good design for a dual sport tire that fits the GROM
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I think I'm going with the pilot powers! But the Kenda dual sports look fun too!
Power Pures I think better than Diablos, because they are dual compound.
The thread pattern is the same as regular Diablos or Power Pures.
Im gonna rock stock rubber for now
any link to these power pures?
I am not familiar with the line of tires that are offered for the Grom but i would ask for dual compound tires for my type of riding.

The sipes on this tires are quite spaced out I am guess this would be a great off road tire too to dissipate the debris and gain traction.

where will you guys be riding mostly though?
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I would get some decent tires for the dirt track and go head to head with a dirt bike and see where the Honda Grom would stand.
I'd run the Michelin Pilot Power 3 if they make them in that size!!!
Power pure for me. Will go a size wider than stock on the rear, 140/70-12

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Dirt tires mount directly up?
A semi-knobbly tyre for some "green lane" riding would be fun, although regulations here are making green lane access far harder.

Green Lanes are, basically, unmade roads through woodlands or along coastal routes and are open to walkers and, in some places, horse-riders.

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