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Howdy from ATX

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hi folks, I'm Happster. I live in Austin, and I am looking at maybe pickin up a grom for my girlfriend. I ride an '01 Honda Shadow ACE 750, it's my first bike. these groms look pretty cool for being so small! I think I may get a little jealous of her if i get her one!
here's my shadow:

she's a little dirty, but that would be because it's my daily rider!
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welcome, love those honda shadows. how long have you owned your 01 shadow for? and when do you plan on getting a Grom?
Oh... youre for sure going to be jealous! The fun factor will be through the roof.

Welcome to the site, your probably going to have to get two! lol

the grom does look like a blast to ride lol. I've had the shadow since april, been riding it every day since. it may be a while before i get a grom, but still interested in it. I've been messing with the bike since the day i got it, and i've almost put 4000 miles on it already. I love this bike!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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