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If you could give the Honda Grom a better name what would it be?

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Seeing how every one thinks that Honda came up with such a weird name for the North American counter part of the MSX 125 calling it "The Grom".

If you could change the name to something better what would it be?

For me I would suggest Honda "Raging Ruckus" or "Ruckus X" Since this bike suits both the name and attitude.

What do you think? :cool:
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Another thing I thought of is if Honda just made a platform bike and we got to name out own somehow and create title or name templates depending on what we come up with. If you look at most of the MSX 125 in thailand they are all different, well from all the aftermarket accessories.
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I like the idea of reigniting the Ruckus name, this bike certainly fits the profile.
That and some have liked the name Rascal for it. But Ruckus suits it best to be honest.
1 - 3 of 58 Posts
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