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Some background on me.
I work in the motorcycle industry, primarily a motocross background. I raced for a number of years. Have owned quite a few motorcycles over the years, and other than the new Grom, I own a Honda 1975 CB360T
So, I have some experience and a good feel.

I am 6' tall, a thin 145 pound frame

That said, I am up to about 25 miles on my new Grom and here are my initial impressions.
When straddling the motorcycle, there's not a lot of additional space in your crotch, surprising considering how small the bike looks. Both feet flat on floor, there's maybe an inch or two from seat to crotch.
On start up, bike is very quiet. Clutch action is smooth. Shifting is a little clunky at the moment, but I chalk that up to it being new and that would be normal. Acceleration is smooth, the beauty of fuel injection, so no coughing, sputtering or flat spots in power delivery.
First gear isn't entirely useless, but is short, but has enough in it to get you out into traffic quickly and easily.
You can run through the tranny quickly to fourth and at about 1/2 throttle maintain an easy 45-48mph. From that speed, you can roll on the throttle and there is more power to be delivered. It's not a kick in the butt, but enough to get you past another car or lane change, and you can easily get up to 55-58mph
The ergonomics on the bike is fine, but for me, the turn signal switch is a little hidden, oh, and it's not auto-canceling. You have to push to cancel. Horn button is huge and the horn, for a little bike, is loud.
The seat is a bit on the hard side, but in time it may pack up and get softer.
The suspension, is crappy. Only real complaint at this point, and something that needs to be looked at with a good suspension guy. You feel every traffic stripe and bottle cap like a jolt. The initial stoke of the shock is soft, but that late stroke is just a hammer. The front forks feel better, but there was one instance of a corner that had pedestrian stripes and the was a feeling of chatter, they didn't smoothly soak them up.
The tires are a cheap brand, but regardless of that, I don't feel they really stick, but with more time and scrubbing them, that may improve.
One other thing, on deceleration with engine braking, the rear end likes to come around.
The disc brakes on both ends feel smooth and powerful enough to do the job necessary.
Sill waiting for that smell of hot cosmoline to go away...that "new bike smell."

Otherwise, a fun bike, a fun toy and something you really can push if you want, even more so once you dial in the suspension.
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