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I came here from the Rebel forum following the promise of a chance to win a bike. I'd never heard of the Grom before, but I'd sure like to see one in person.

I've spent a bit of time prior to posting just looking at some of the posts about the Grom, and looking at the stats on the Honda page. It looks fun, but looks really quite tiny in the pictures. Then again, I've always thought that a Ninja 250 is about the right size for me, so maybe this will be too.

I currently have a Rebel 450 (which I just sold but loved), a GS500 which is having carb work done (boo), and my husband has a Honda Shadow which needs to find a new home I think. We only ever take the bikes for ice cream, so maybe he should ride the GS and I should have a Grom. Hrm...gotta work on that one.

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