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Good morning, I am looking for a decent fuel map for the set-up on my '19 Monkey. Or something else to solve my problem...

This is my set-up:
KOSO 170 cc 4valve,
34mm KOSO trotttlebody,
KOSO injector,
Modfied mnnthbx intake,
Akrapovic full exhaust with custom silencers
Kitaco crankshaft and rod with 4th bearing,
Kitaco sidecover,
Oilspinner delete,
bigger fuel-lines,
Dynojet Power Commander 5, with autotune....

My Monkey will not operate smoothly, still running in, done about 100 miles. But it is stuttering and hicking up, rpms all over the place.
What can the problem be? I am thinking different fuel-map, or does anyone have another idea? PLEASE!!

Tire Wheel Sky Plant Fuel tank

Greetings from the Netherlands
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