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The Grom has arrived. Got here about a week and half faster than I expected, seeing as how the black ones still here. Didn't really want the red, but now that I see one in person, glad I got the red instead of black. Like destiny, the two black ones we sold were just out of reach.

Day started off great, custom assembly truck pulled in about 10:00, opened the doors and there she was right on top. Everything went down hill from there, 5 out of 10 of the units we received had crate damage including the Grom! Only broken mirror though, could've been worse. Others had fender, side cover, and rack damage. So nothing to sweat about, the mirrors were the first thing I was tossing anyway.

Gonna be riding it soon, just as soon as it gets put in our system I'll be throwing 500 bucks on the down payment.

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