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Practice day results

7 riders 8 spectators all for our introductory Moto Gymkhana Day. Thanks to all who took the time to participate!
We had two courses set up, a beginner and an intermediate course.
We ran a timed event on the beginner course and here are the top 3 finishers... Kent M @ 56 sec, Jiri @ 58 sec and David @ 104 sec.
Great job riders!
The intermediate course is a mind bender!
We are looking forward to our first "event" on June 12. Contact us if you are interested in participating.
By the way, a Honda Nighthawk 250 rider won top honors. It is not about the size it is about the skill level. Anyone can participate from a beginner to an advanced rider, does not matter. From a scooter to a bagger, whatever you ride come out and challenge yourself, and learn new skills.
Oh and have fun, everyone left with a smile on their face!


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