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Looks like it pretty much had Troy speechless!

[ame=]2014 Honda Grom Review - YouTube[/ame]

If you’re reading this, we’ll assume by now you’ve also read my review of the 2014 Honda Grom in which you’ll note how much fun I had riding it. The 125cc urban commuter brings back that youthful enjoyment we can all remember from the first time we swung a leg over a motorcycle. Its light weight (225 lbs) and tall handlebars makes it a comfortable machine for most average-sized riders to learn the skills of motorcycling. And with its four-speed transmission — and a real clutch! — operating the Grom is identical to a full-size bike, too.

We know you wanted to read all about the Grom, so we rushed to post my story as quickly as possible. However, to get the full experience of the little Grominator, we brought along occasional guest rider, and video shooting/editing extraordinaire, Sean Matic, to capture yours truly acting a fool. The video wasn’t ready by the time my story went to press, but we hope you agree it was worth the wait. The playful spirit of the Grom is difficult to fully explain through words, but Matic captures it nicely in the accompanying video, shot in and around Honda’s Southern California HQ.

For the rest of the review, check out here
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