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Hey Guys.

So, yeah. I picked me up a GROM!

I'll start from the beginning.

Got financing from a local credit union. 2.99%! If you're financing, join a local credit union for sure. Otherwise, the big lenders are all at about 7% on new bikes.

Called around. They were all spoken for. Finally called a dealer who said he had one coming in that day.

Called up and got insurance. One problem-the dealer didn't even have the VIN yet, since the bike hadn't arrived, so i couldn't officially secure insurance.

Told the dealer to call me ASAP with the VIN when it came in. Told him I was coming in with a check by end of day.

Dealer called around 2. Bike came in. Gave me the VIN. Secured insurance and had it faxed to the dealership.

Went straight to the credit union, got approved and we called the dealer from the credit union to get a purchase order.

Bike secured.

What'd i pay?

$3800 OTD.


(just moving in. excuse the mess.)

Funny story. Went back to the dealer the next day to get a second helmet. Sales guy told me a dude was waiting at the door for him to open up to buy the grom I snagged the day before.




Pulls well in first gear. Subsequent gears are pretty decent, too. It's a 125, let's remember,and when you consider that it's pretty damn quick. If you're looking to buy one, have realistic expectations. It's a 125cc bike. But it's still fun as hell.

It's as nimble as a scooter.

My bike is insanely annoying to get into neutral. I have to knock it up into second, and then tap it down into N. Anyone else having the same problem?

Also, the rear break is weak, in my opinion. I know the front break provides the vast majority of stopping power, but I love jam the rear break to lock it up. Cant' do that on my Grom. Maybe the pads are still too new.

The seat is pretty comfortable, but I found that after 80 miles of riding my ass is a bit raw.

I've gone about 80 miles and I have 2 bars of gas left. I should easily hit 100MPGs, and I rode about 20 of those with my GF on the back ( I know! Brilliant when breaking in a bike). It's funny, this thing handles two-up better than my 250.

Speaking of breaking it in, I am varying RPMS greatly and avoiding red lining. When you look in the manual, it says nothing about keeping it beneath x RPMS-just that you should take it easy the first 600 miles.

I've had a ton of compliments. Just today I got behind a rocket with his GF on the back. He looked in his mirror, did a double take, and turned around to give the the thumbs up. People love this thing.

Naturally, I want to bore this thing out to 180cc. It would be insane. Am I going to do it now? No. Maybe in a few months when costs come down. Spoke to a dealer who said his brother spenj 1400 on a kit.

Anyway, I'm not sure if that was really a review. I'm happy with the bike. Considering how many years of riding you'll get out of these things, they are well worth the cost.

Happy riding.
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