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New NW Ohio member

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Got signed up hoping to win the 2014 Grom give away, I've been thinking about buying one ever since I saw the first release article but we all know FREE is better!!

I've been riding for the past 25 yrs or so and on most every type of bike you can think of.
Currently I have 4 bikes in my "collection":
'68 Honda CB125 twin
'83 Suzuki GS450A(automatic-- yep it's an automatic)
'05 Yamaha FJR1300abs:motorcycle4_smilie:
'06 Yamaha YZF-R6(50 Anniv):motorcyclelove_smil

I've always been in the mindset that the rider makes the bike and not the other way around so I've always been a fan of small bikes and the enormous grin you get when you school a wannabe literbike rider on twisty roads.. :D

I've done all kinds of ridng from dirt/gravel, touring, Saddle Sore rides(1000+ miles in 24hrs), track riding at places like Gingerman/Grattan/Mid-Ohio, a dozen or so trips to Deals Gap area and the list goes on.

Hopefully I can lend my knowledge and experience to other members to help them on their riding skills.
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welcome bagger! nice collection of bikes.
Nice toys you've had. Welcome to the world of Grom!
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