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New Official Yoshimura GROM Product

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Yoshimura R&D of America announces RS-9 applications for the 2014 Honda Grom (MSX125) |

Yoshimura R&D of America announces RS-9 applications for the 2014 Honda Grom (MSX125)
CHINO, CA (July 1, 2013)

To say there's a lot of buzz surrounding the new 2014 Honda Grom (MSX125) is an understatement. Simply put, this new wonder-bike from Honda is a game changer
and that buzz just got a whole lot more serious with the news that Yoshimura R&D
is introducing a line of exhaust systems and other accessories to make the exciting little Grom even more so.

And the Grom's not just getting any exhaust system. For the first-time ever, the RS-9 system will be used on a streetbike platform and the Grom is the bike to get it. Yes, this is the same as the Dual Honda CRF MX system that's currently being used to win Supercross events all over the country.

The RS-9 uses a unique design parallelogram-shaped muffler body and comes in two styles: An aluminum muffler body with carbon-fiber end cap, or carbon muffler body with carbon-fiber end cap. The front cap is stamped in our Chino, CA factory from polished 304-L stainless steel and installed with premium quality closed-end rivets reinforced with lightweight laser cut rivet-bands.

As for performance.... Well, the RS-9 system for the Honda Grom is a genuine Yoshimura R&D product made in the U.S.A. so like the rest of the performance parts we make, it is designed by the same people who develop factory race team equipment that is winning races all over the globe.

Honda Grom RS-9 Pricing

Part #: 121202H220 Slip-On Carbon Fiber/Carbon Fiber Cap MSRP: $460.00

Part #: 121202H320 Slip-On Aluminum/Carbon Fiber Fiber Cap MSRP: $325.00

Part #: 121200H220 Full System Carbon Fiber/Carbon Fiber Cap MSRP: $530.00

Part #: 121200H320 Full System Aluminum/Carbon Fiber Cap MSRP: $395.00


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Still a little pricey in my mind but good to see some support.

eh yea, price is kinda high compared to what ive been seeing for some setups but it is Yosh so im not surprised and the quality is no doubt outstanding. Im def holding out on the exhaust until just before I get home i want to see what everyone comes out with.
I'll be manufacturing pipes, but I do like this one, and the price isn't bad. Perhaps higher than those used to the Ruckus or similar where systems are so small, but it's cheap compared to most full sized systems. I myself have spent $1000+ on systems more than once for my own bikes....
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Yoshimura= You'll get what you pay for. High quality products. I too totally can understand the pricing gripe, but boy would a carbon fiber Yoshimura slip-on look sweet on a Grom. :thumbup:

Definitely going to wish-list one for now until something better catches my eye. Wonder if Yoshimura comes out with a fender eliminator too?
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I like it but I really want a low pipe
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whoa, i likey! the price in my opinion is not to bad, knowing ive bought exhausts for my honda dax going over 1000 $! anyway i cant wait till other japanese manufactures come up with MSX systems!
need to hear it before im sold on it though.

My carbon Jardine slip for my CBR was like 500 and change... and there is A LOT more material on that then this one.

Thats how im gauging it.

I don't think the price is that bad. The headers being built for my Buell right now are $500, and the slip-on was $425 plus I had to ship in my stock muffler.

I want to see what gains the full system has over the slip-on.
I myself have spent $1000+ on systems more than once for my own bikes....
I've spent WAY over 1000 for full systems.
I think the problem they have here is the ratio of cost for exhaust compared to the total price of the bike in the first place.
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Looks amazing...But pricey, right?
But I've always said, spend the money on the little things because those are what still make the bike/car good 10 years later.
Looks sweet. Not too bad a price. Who pays retail anyway?

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Give it a few months. They will be for sale on ebay for way cheaper..

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How great can a full system really sound on a 125cc four stroke
How great can a full system really sound on a 125cc four stroke
this is a departure of a Belgian meeting with the same type of 4stroke engines both 50s n 125 -170 cc bikes, different sounds but it might give you an idea of what it can sound like!
biggest engine bikes come at the end!

Meeting DAX Visé 2012


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It is going to be marked up for time being.

Let the hype die down and you will start to see some cheaper exhausts.

I'm going to look in the thai market as there are already so many options.
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