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Household hardware Engineering Machine Nickel Cylinder

This camshaft requires fuel injection adjustment. Without remapping, performance gain is not expected.
Valve timing must be measured and adjusted when installing. *Cam timing should be set by a certified mechanic to ensure proper function. Improper installation or cam timing could result in catastrophic engine failure.
Tappet clearance must be measured and adjusted when installing.

Type ST-1M
MAX LIFT(mm) IN 6.25mm/EX 6.25mm
1mm DURATION(°) IN 225°/EX 220°
Tappet Crearance(mm) IN 0.08-0.12mm/EX 0.08-0.12

These products are designed, manufactured, intended, and sold for use on vehicles that are operated only on closed course racing circuits unless otherwise noted. Use of these products on public roads or lands is strictly prohibited and may be a violation of local, state, or federal laws. Products intended for use on vehicles operated on public roads or lands are clearly so indicated.

Check out all the Yoshimura Product Availabe:
Yoshimura R&D - Honda Grom
Price: $249.00

Dyno Chart:
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