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Off Roading GROM

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[ame=]MSX 125 Off Road - YouTube[/ame]
Trying out my honda MSX125 up some forestry roads. It coped very well with the rough roads - the front forks only bottomed out once. That number plate rattles though!
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Can't really tell but If I had to guess this is just the stock dampers on the Grom. Looks stable, just have to take lowered speeds on more jagged and rougher terrains.
More evidence to show that the Honda is capable of being an all around bike. ;)
WHERE IS THIS?!?! i want to live there, its awesome looking lol
WHERE IS THIS?!?! i want to live there, its awesome looking lol
Are any off road or dual sport type tires available in sizes for the Grom?
I've recently gotten into the crf110 and love trail riding on that.. It's amazing where these little bikes will go. I can't wait to take my grom and tear down some trails. I would really like to get that giant skid plate that is "available" for the grom and climb some hills with it.

It will be fun to get a dual registered bike! Come out of the trails with a dirty street bike, getting even dirtier looks! Can't wait!
Wow, now that is a beautiful place to go riding
[ame=]HONDA MSX125 GROM[/ame] mad skilllls
I'm guessing it is a pretty rough vibration filled ride with the 12" street tires though. There is a reason offroad bikes/ dual sports have such large rim diameters to help reduce that effect. I wouldn't hesitate to take the Grom dirt tracking from time to time but I don't think it would be enjoyable for a long ride.
Pretty slow off-roading. ;)

You'd probably need some better tires and better shocks to off-road with it at a more "reasonable" speed.

Very scenic route would love to travel there every day.
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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