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Grom: A grom (or grommet) is a young surfer, usually under the age of 15. Most of the time people that are called groms are youngins who are good. – Urban Dictionary

A natural first question when looking at the 2014 Honda Grom is, “what the heck is a Grom?” Besides being euphemism for a young surfing phenom, Grom is also the name of Honda’s latest fun machine. Why the weird name? Called the MSX 125 in other markets, copyright issues prevented Honda from using that name in America. But, since Honda is clearly targeting the youth — and the young at heart markets, the name is a great fit.

The Grom is clearly a diminutive little motorcycle, but that doesn’t take away from its fun quotient, as we discovered during its press intro in surfer-laden Southern California. It’s perfect for new riders looking for a great learning tool, or the experienced pilot looking for a good time.

At 29.7 inches, the seat height sounds more intimidating than it really is; the Grom’s narrow seat allows even relatively inexperienced riders the confidence to place both feet on the ground with ease. And don’t worry tall riders, the six-footers in our group reported being comfortable thanks to the low pegs and tall bars.

Powering the Grom is a fuel-injected, 125cc air-cooled Single Honda has produced almost a million of for its various worldwide products. It’s a SOHC, with an offset cylinder and a roller rocker arm for reduced mechanical losses. Despite the little engine and small stature, the Grom does its best to emulate its big-bike kin.

For starters, the 125 is mated to a standard four-speed trans with a real clutch. From there, an inverted fork, twin discs brakes, minimal, dirt-inspired bodywork and the 12-inch wheels with a CBR-style 10-spoke design give the Grom a much more upscale, “urban commuter” profile. Despite what you might make of its looks from pictures, you really have to see the Grom in person to appreciate it. I think it looks rather cool.

The Grom is the latest in Honda’s push to introduce fun, efficient, reliable, and most of all, affordable motorcycles to attract new riders or bring back former ones. Thanks to the economics of building a motorcycle in Thailand, the Grom can be taken from dealers right now for a measly $2999.

And what an entertaining way to spend three large. It didn’t take long in the saddle before the smile on my face from the affordable price grew even larger from all the fun. The little bike scoots off the line with relative gusto (for a 125 anyway), though clutch engagement was rather far and the thumper doesn’t pick up revs with much urgency.

Each gear is spaced far enough for practical usage around town, with a tall first gear providing push all the way to its 8250-rpm redline. The next two gears have a wide, usable range, while the single cylinder struggled to reach 60 mph in fourth gear — the fastest speed I was able to reach with the available space. Downhill with a tailwind could probably net another five mph, tops. Still, there’s enough power to evade four-wheelers around the city. Or campus police.

For more of Troy's review of the GROM check out the article on - 2014 Honda Grom Review

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Grom: A grom (or grommet) is a young surfer, usually under the age of 15. Most of the time people that are called groms are youngins who are good. – Urban Dictionary
^^ In Serbian, "grom" means "thunder"!! :) :)
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