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Hi Guys & Gals,
Brian S here, from West Bend Wisconsin, USA, about 35 miles from the Road America race track.
I'm an old motorcyclist/racer. My day job is engine R&D for a major small engine manufacturer, here in WI. We have 6 motorcycles here at the shop including the new black Honda Grom that I picked up on Tuesday. It's a fun ride, just a little slower than my 2012 Kawasaki Ninja1000. But, to be honest, it's more fun to ride around town than my other bikes. I can't keep my daughter off the thing.
I bought the Grom for engine research. I already have all the adapters machined up to start flow testing the cylinder head, and the induction system. I purchased all the engine parts from the crankcase up, so that I did not have to pull the new engine apart. We already have figured out the parts of the engine that will give the biggest bang for the buck, but that for another thread.
Someone tell me how to upload photo's, and I'll do an engine thread Sunday with photo's. I do have photobucket.
Now it's off to pull the forks off the bike tomorrow, and fix them.
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