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I was catching up on some of the mini forums and stumbled across a "Grom" thread. GROM? What the heck's a Grom? So I googled it and found one. Just one glance at the photo caused a spontaneous moto-gasm! I must have one!!

. . . so, I'm an old but avid motorcycle guy. I seem to spend a lot of my free time fixing old Hondas for new friends. Funny how that works (I made my living as a Honda mechanic back in the '80s so I guess it follows, . . .) My latest personal project is a '74 CT70 Frankenmini - assembled out of parts that were laying around the rather cluttered shop. It's sporting a 106cc engine and will run 45 all day with a top speed of ~50 on the straight & level. I even jumped through all the silly bureaucratic hoops to get it titled and registred here in Texas. I thought I was getting about 110mpg til I figured out that the odometer is off by 15-20% (Tho' the speedo seems to be accurate -go figure?!?) so I'm probably really getting in the neighborhood of 90mpg. Still respectable, huh?

The current stable consists of:
'95 Triumph Trophy
'98 Honda XR400R
'99 Yamaha TTR250
'96 Honda XR200
'74 Honda CT70 (Frankenmini)
2 - '04 Honda CRF50s (for corrupting grandkids)
'7? Honda QA50
and a truly ******* engineered mini dirt bike with a Sikk-MX frame & an XR50 engine

When does a hobby become a sickness?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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