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Alright guys,

Im picking my MSX next week, and I don't want it looking standard for long!

Im after an exhaust, and I was thinking of going for one of the Yosi systems. I was wondering if anyone had had time on one or could suggest an alternative to a Yosi set up, or could even suggest a nice down low alternative

Im also looking for a tail tidy, that's good value for money as im not really looking to spend the amount companies such as Composimo are asking. Just wondering if there are any good value solutions other than going DIY.

In addition im interested in a Aluminium swing arm, but could anyone suggest a reputable one or manufacturer as ive read a few horror stories about dodgy eastern manufacturing of such parts.

Last but not least (for now!) I was wondering if there were any replacement foot peg units that don't have the section for rear pegs, im looking to save a bit of weight here as ill never have a passenger on the back as im about 6" tall (i.e. theres no room!). Im talking about the bracket section not the actual peg.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, cheers!
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