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So we are know we are a little late to the game here.
We have been selling these for nearly 1/2 a year.... but could never keep up with the demand.
Never had any sitting on the shelf. Every kit that arrived was always already spoken for.

Well finally we have them... and finally installing one.

While, it's true probably 1/2 of this forum already has done this......... there is still the other 1/2 whom has not. And of course new bike owners who will also be joining the forum as well.

So this post is for all of those owners.

So the installation was very very simple.

Removing the Left and Right Side Panels.
Unscrewing the Air box bolts, removing the Air Temp sensor (2 screws) and rubber intake boot on the throttle body.
Then removing the rubber crank case breather hose from the left side of the airbox.
All easy enough.
The airbox comes off nice and clean.... shed a little weight is always good, even if it's just a little bit.

The Chimera intake kit we sell comes with everything you need.
Fairing Brace.

So installation starts out with just pushing the coupler onto the throttle body.
The tightening down the lower clamp only.
Then you install the Air temp sensor onto the intake.
Then you push the intake into the rubber coupler (don't tighten the clamp just yet)
Then you install the breather hose onto the intake nipple.
We found it best to route the house "behind" the clutch cable. You will see a good view of this in the video below.
Then you install the filter on the end of the intake. Tighten down the clamp. (make sure the filter is pushed on all the way into the flange of the intake.... with maybe extra 1-2mm hanging over the edge to ensure it doesn't come off.
Now, it's time to tighten the upper clamp securing everything.
Give it a good wiggle to make sure everything is nice and tight. Don't want any air gaps.

Then it's time to install the body panels back on. But first remove the capture nut on the inside of each fairing.
This is where the fairing brace will go.

After you install your left and right side panels.. the final step is to install the fairing brace that connects and secures your R&L panels together.
This will keep them from flapping in the wind.

That's it.

Fire your bike up and go ride.

Prior to this installation Cari had just zipped down the interstate at 70 mph, with no tail wind.

After the installation she was able to get up to 72 mph, on the same stretch of road, with no tail wind.

That may not seem like a lot ...but an extra 2 mph with only installing an air intake is pretty impressive.

Cari said the throttle response off the bottom end is a lot better. More pull off the line.

Overall it's exactly as everyone has already posted previous........... WOW.

Bang for the buck this is a no brainer upgrade.

Click here for complete installation Video >>



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72 mph...... with a slight head wind.


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